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Three Steps to Appealing a Poverty Exemption Denial 

After you have applied for a poverty exemption from your local assessor, you can appeal if the assessor denies your application.

Step 1: TIMELY File an Appeal to the Michigan Tax Tribunal (MTT)

    • If you were denied by the March Board of Review, you must appeal by July 31 following your denial.
    • If you were denied by any other Board of Review (July or December), then you must appeal to the MTT within 35 days of the date of the denial letter
  • There is no filing fee!
  • The petition is a fill-in PDF form that you can download: here
  • Make sure the petition is fully completed and you have attached a copy of your denial letter from the township/city.
  • Mail the petition to the MTT at this address: Michigan Tax Tribunal, P.O. Box 30232, Lansing, MI 48909
  • For any questions that are not answered in these instructions please see the Tribunal’s
    website at or contact the MTT at 517-335-9760. DO NOT CALL THE MUNICIPALITY WITH QUESTIONS ABOUT THE MTT.
  • TIP: Use some kind of tracking to make sure they receive the petition.

Step 2: Submit evidence to the MTT once you have received your notice of hearing

  • You will get a notice of hearing 45 of days before the hearing.
  • That notice will have a deadline for submitting your evidence, the documents that prove you are entitled to a poverty exemption.  The deadline for submitting evidence is 21 days before the hearing.
  • You will need to submit the same documents (and maybe additional documents) to the MTT that you submitted with your application to the Board of Review.

Step 3: Attend the Michigan Tax Tribunal hearing, which will be near where you live

  • Hearing will usually take place in your county.
  • Hearing is held by an impartial MTT hearing referee.
  • Hearings last about 30 minutes and are rather informal.
  • Bring a copy of all of the documents you submitted to the hearing.
  • You will have a chance to talk to the hearing referee about your case.


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